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Cicode Programming Reference

Cicode is a programming language designed for use in Citect SCADA to monitor and control plant equipment. It is a structured language similar to Visual Basic or 'C'. You need no previous programming experience to use it.

You can use Cicode to access real-time data (variables) in a Citect SCADA project, and Citect SCADA facilities: variable tags, alarms, trends, reports, and so on. You can also interface to various components on a computer, such as the operating system and communication ports. Cicode also supports advanced features including pre-empted multitasking, multi threads, and remote procedure calls.

To access a full list of available Cicode functions, see Cicode Function Categories.

Use the following sections as a quick start to using Cicode in your Citect SCADA projects:

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Published June 2018