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Cicode Function Categories

Cicode includes the following function categories:

Accumulator Functions

ActiveX Functions

Alarm Functions

Alarm Filter Functions

Array Functions

Clipboard Functions

Cluster Functions

Color Functions

Communication Functions

DDE Functions

Device Functions

Display Functions

DLL Functions

Equipment Database Functions

Error Functions

Event Functions

File Functions

Form Functions

Format Functions

FTP Functions

FuzzyTech Functions

Group Functions

I/O Device Functions

Keyboard Functions

Mail Functions

Map Functions

Math/Trigonometry Functions

Menu Functions

Miscellaneous Functions

.Net Functions

Page Functions

Plot Functions

Process Analyst Functions

Quality Functions

Report Functions

Scheduler Functions

Screen Profile Functions

Security Functions

Sequence of Events (SOE) Functions

Server Functions

SPC Functions

SQL Functions

String Functions

Super Genie Functions

Table (Array) Functions

Tag Functions

Task Functions

Time/Date Functions

Timestamp Functions

Trend Functions

Window Functions

XML Functions

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Published June 2018